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11 Wedding Photos and Videos That Are Essential to Capture

When commemorating your special day, it’s important to have a picture (and video clip!) captured of each essential moment of your wedding. Preparing an extensive shot list prior to your wedding will guarantee that your photography and videography teams will try to capture the footage...


The Ideal Wedding Planning Timeline

  The average engagement lasts 16 months, allowing time for the bride and groom to plan the perfect date, venue, vendors, decor, guest list, and wedding day outfits for the entire wedding party. If you’re becoming overwhelmed at the thought of planning all of your wedding...


Our First Wedding

You always remember your firsts…the first meaningful glance on your first date or the first time they took your hand to express to the world that “yes they are mine!” As wedding film producers (or videographers as most like to call us) we too remember...


A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

So, you just got engaged…congratulations! But now you and your fiance have a few things to figure out before the big day. One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is finding and booking the perfect wedding venue. Sometimes it’s easy—the bride, groom,...


Choosing the Perfect Proposal Spot

You’re about to ask him or her to spend the rest of your lives together, so nail the proposal by first setting the scene. That might be a sentimental location — somewhere that holds a special significance in both of your hearts. The proposal could revolve...

Modern Wedding Cake with Flowers

Wedding Cakes Through the Ages

The wedding cake has undergone as dramatic an evolution as the bridal gown: from the elegant multi-tiered versions of decades past to the nontraditional varieties springing up today. We all know the familiar layered look, popularized by Queen Elizabeth II at her 1947 nuptials to Prince...

Autumn Wedding Couple

A Wedding to Fall In Love With

Autumn is coming up fast on the heels of the long-held tradition of spring and summer weddings, and soon June may no longer be a seasonal given. Here are some reasons why autumn might get the nod and bouquet over June and the summer months for...

Couple Kissing at the Reception

It’s One of the Biggest Days of Your Life…

The moment that small velvety box slowly opens presenting the ring that forever changes your life.  Heart pounding, blood racing, hands shaking, all while trying to catch your breath.  The months of preparation making sure every detail is carefully thought out – which day it...