5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Engaged

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Engaged

While it may not be as exciting as your “Big Day” (c’mon — what could be!), Valentine’s Day can be one of the most exciting days of the year for couples getting ready to walk down the aisle. It’s the perfect day to take a step back from wedding planning and remind yourselves of where and why it all began. While every future bride and groom have their preference on how this day should be spent, here are 5 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day this year if you’re planning on saying “I do”!

1. Recreate a special day

This could be tricky for couples who got engaged on vacation or at a big event, but if you’re able to, recreating the day you got engaged is the perfect way to remind yourself of the love you feel for your future spouse. Whether it’s a visit to the restaurant where you popped the question or a walk along the beach to your proposal spot, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect excuse for recreating that engagement magic. No, you don’t have to get down on one knee again (unless you want him to), but this is an easy and inexpensive Valentine’s Day date idea for couples who just want to pop some champagne and remember one of the most exciting days of their lives.

2. Choose a new Valentine’s Day tradition together

Will you be spending next Valentine’s Day as a married couple? If so, there is no time like the present to brainstorm the Valentine’s Day traditions that will stick with you for a lifetime. Whether your current Valentine’s Day traditions are getting old or you’re ready to finally decide on a new tradition together, let this year be the year where you and your partner start a sentimental tradition you can carry on throughout your entire lives. Some popular Valentine’s Day traditions among couples include exchanging handwritten cards, visiting the same restaurant each year, or trading store-bought sweets. There are no bad ideas when it comes to Valentine’s Day traditions, so if you and your partner can think of something more original and personal, it can easily become a special and romantic tradition you carry on for years.

3. Relax from wedding stress planning (couples massage)

Whether relaxing to you means getting a massage and a facial or going for a morning surf, take a day-long break from the stresses of wedding planning and do something you and your partner will love. Taking time away from planning your special day will allow you to clear your minds and spend some much needed one-on-one time with your future Mr. or Mrs. And above all, you deserve it! If the idea of a couples massage sounds appealing to you, check out some of the top places for couples massages in Orange County here.

4. Galentine’s Day

Is your wedding sooner rather than later? Celebrate V-day with your favorite girls instead! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about your romantic relationship, it can be about celebrating your platonic relationships, too. Pop open the bubbly, put on your favorite rom com, and spend your last Valentine’s Day as a single lady with your best gals. Or, spend the night with a group reservation at a fancy restaurant. Whatever you end up doing, it’s guaranteed to be one of your favorite Valentine’s Days yet because your best friends will be by your side.

5. Get the whole family in on it

Do you love including your family throughout all of life’s major events? Invite them to take part in your V-Day plans! Use this time to show both sides of your family just how much the two of you care for and appreciate them. Valentine’s Day is an unexpectedly perfect time for your entire family to get together and indulge on chocolate, champagne, and romantic stories of how the couples in your family first met. This can also be the perfect day to host an engagement party among your family and close friends, but keep in mind, they might have Valentine’s Day traditions of their own that they don’t want to give up.


However you decide to spend this Valentine’s Day, let it be a day full of love, joy, and most importantly, a break from the stresses of wedding planning. After the celebrations, visit our blog to find out some special tricks and tips for planning the big day. And if you’re interested in hiring a dedicated crew to film every special moment throughout the day, give us a call to talk about our wedding videography services!