Choosing the Perfect Proposal Spot


Choosing the Perfect Proposal Spot


You’re about to ask him or her to spend the rest of your lives together, so nail the proposal by first setting the scene.

That might be a sentimental location — somewhere that holds a special significance in both of your hearts. The proposal could revolve around spots visited on your first date or the place you shared your first kiss. Or maybe it’s even a memorable place from your significant other’s childhood.


Perhaps you’re looking for more adventure. Some choose to pop the question at an exotic destination. Where is your loved one is dying to visit? The ancient ruins of Rome? The brilliant beaches of Thailand? Is he or she drawn to the serenity of nature or the hustle bustle of the big city? If travelling on a budget or with time constraints, a weekend getaway somewhere not too distant could also suffice.

lawn-proposal      boat-proposal

Some prefer to keep their proposal a private intimate affair, while others revel in the excitement of being surrounded by friends and family or strangers in a public place. Is your partner comfortable in the spotlight or do they hate being the center of attention?

hotel-room-proposalOn that note, make sure the setting suits the mood of the proposal. It might be helpful to visit the place ahead of time in order to get a feel for it and mentally rehearse how things will play out.   Keep in mind what additional arrangements may have to be made in order to shepherd your beloved to a particular location, while keeping the proposal a surprise.

Remember there’s always the classic picnic in a park or dinner with a ring hidden in the food (which many restaurants are happy to assist with).  But once you’ve hammered out some of these fundamentals, don’t hesitate to get creative!