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Ignore the urge to book a photo booth and surprise your guests with something fun and unforgettable.  Our Slow Mo Booth offers something really dynamic for you and your guests to enjoy with countless possibilities! Want to use it as a guest book? Have your guests write special messages on a chalkboard and hold it up during their clip. Want your Slow Mo Booth to be more interactive? Make it a fun competition! Whether it’s who can strike the silliest pose or pop the most impressive confetti, your guests will love the friendly competition.  4 Reasons Why a Slow Mo Booth is Better Than a Photo Booth

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What is a Slow Mo Booth?


A Slow Mo Booth is like a photo booth, but way more fun and interactive!  You are filmed by professional cinematographers in super slow motion wearing fun props, shooting fun items like party poppers, and acting silly or making funny faces.  All of the clips are professionally edited into a Slow Mo Booth highlight reel to enjoy with friends and family as well as instantly share on social media!


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We provide all the props and offer a big display to watch instant replays!

Post and share on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and more

Creative and interactive alternative to a signed guest book

See how much fun your guests had at your wedding

Featured in:

Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Awards 2017

Highlights About Our Slow Mo Booth

Slow Mo Booth Props
High-End Props
From authentic hand-painted Chinese fans, real feather boas, and leather hats to your typical silly string, confetti poppers, and much more!
Slow Mo Booth HD Screen
High-Def Display Screen
Our large HD screen allows guests to instantly watch their slow mo clip right after it’s captured!
Slow Mo Booth Family
Fun and Creative FIlm Crew
Our talented cinematographers will help direct your guests, offer fun slow mo ideas, and ensure they have a great time!

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